Friday, July 18, 2014

Totes Ma Goats!

We've totes got totes of totes to tote! Come and get 'em to carry all your ish.

I Left My Heart in Portland

Whether you've lived here for 5 days or your whole life, it's easy to fall in love and stay in love with Portland. Even when you're in a fight; cursing the weather or the fact that another Californian has moved here, you'll never go to bed angry with your boo. These mugs were made for any die-hard Portlander, and are sure to edge out inferior mugs in your cabinet. $22.50

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Totes Adorbs

If you know a baby that's so unbelievably cute that you fight the urge to squeeze its chubby cheeks and use abnormally shrill vocal inflections around them, then you better make yourself useful and come and grab one of our cute new onesies to really show them how you feel. This onesie says it all in a nice, abbreviated manner. $22.50, in blue or pink.

If You're A Bird, I'm A Bird

Ladies. Have you ever found yourselves thinking, "I wish I could play paper dolls with my all time favorite heartthrob. Why won't someone think of that so I can be entertained whilst swooning??" Well, your prayers have been answered. Come to ZimZim and meet the Ryan Gosling paper doll, complete with tons of outfits from all of your favorite Ryan flicks. Make him hang from a ferris wheel while you scream, "I wanna go out with you!" because, duh, obviously you do. $13.50

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Pugs Not Drugs

What better way to tote your groceries AND show you love pugs AND show you don't do drugs? Show everyone what a fine human being you are with these adorable new totes! $16.50

Monday, July 7, 2014

Sweet & Cute

We're so excited about these adorable lace shorts, just in at ZimZim! Beat the heat and look chic at the same time. Transition easily to fall with a pair of tights and boyfriend blazer. Choose from nude or black, only $24.50!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Koozies & Coin Purses Galore!

Keep your PBR icy cold with these hilarious new koozies! Featuring many of your fave celebs in their moments of glory, these koozies are sure to make you giggle with each refreshing sip. If koozies aren't your thang, we've got 'em in coin purses too! 


Exasperated cat lovers rejoice; the perfect t-shirt has arrived at ZimZim.

No more words necessary.
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