Sunday, December 21, 2014

The White Elephant Mecca

A very common phenomenon that occurs while shopping at ZimZim: finding things you never knew you needed.

A very common phenomenon that occurs while shopping at ZimZim during the holidays: finding the absolute perfect White Elephant gift. No matter the crowd, we have tons of ridiculous items that your party guests will be fighting over, swapping and stealing. Behold just a few of our favorite things:

Golden Girls koozies! Pick your favorite or even bring a set of four. These snowy-haired dames are sure to delight and keep that beer frosty cold.

Really random socks! The dino-santas were highly sought after at my White Elephant party, and if you're hangin' with the right people, they will be at yours too. These are just three examples of our great selection of knee-high socks for the whole family!

I'll bet your party guests can't think of SEVENTY-FIVE jello recipes off the top of their heads. I'll bet they can't even think of one (besides adding hot water to the powder stuff, of course). Get ready to get creative and "get the party started" with this wiggly and weird dessert. It's not just for people with dentures!

I'm assuming that your crazy Aunt Marilyn is coming to your White Elephant, and that she's been asked to leave her cats at home, please. You know she's got at least twelve of them, and that she loves them so much that she would be more than happy to have a hand soap that was scented like their butts. "Aww, look at their cute little tushies!" 

Since it's the holiday season, you can only assume that everyone at your party is stressed out and sleep deprived. Wrap this up with a bag of coffee beans and perhaps a bottle of Bailey's (if you're feeling extra nice) to kick-start your frazzled guests back into the humans you know they used to be. Also, we won't judge you if you need to steal this one back, in the end. Nobody knows who brings what, right?

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