Sunday, January 25, 2015

Not Your Grandmother's Jewelry

We are obsessed with these new little trinkets from Grandmother's Buttons, a retro-chic jewelry store based in St. Francisville, Louisiana. Doesn't that sound like such a magical place? I'm sure it's filled with former-plantation B&Bs with low hanging willow trees that catch the glittering sunlight through their leaves (it is, I Google imaged it...HELLA willow trees).

Designer Susan Davis was originally inspired by her own grandmother's button collection, and upon discovering said collection decided to make what would later become her own jewelry line. Years later, Susan is still traveling the world and collecting antique buttons for her bangin' earrings. Here are some gems that are our current faves:

All of these beauties range in price from $22.50-$28.50, aka so affordable you gotta treat yo' self. Or treat yo' honey. Not that you need a reminder, but V Day is only three weeks away!

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