Saturday, January 3, 2015

Winter Warmers

It's really starting to feel like winter here in Portland, and ZimZim has plenty of ideas on how to stay warm whilst sporting outerwear featuring your favorite animals. Be it cats, dogs or woodland creatures, we've got it all.

It really doesn't get any cattier than this: MEOW, indeed! Rock this full set with our cat ear hat and be the crazy cat lady you know you are! Fingerless gloves read "MEOW" on one side and have a heart and cat face on the other! They're purrrfectly cat-tastic.

Other options include squirrel, owl and bird scarves that will keep that neck nice 'n toasty. We love the alpine theme of these guys and think they'd look extra spiffy up at Timberline Lodge with a steaming cup of cocoa. Come get your favorite while they're still here!

P.S. All of our awesome Christmas items are now 50% off! Stock up for next year and get way ahead of the game.


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