Monday, March 16, 2015

Mason Jar Upgrade

It's official: drinking out of a mason jar has now become mainstream. Hipsters beware: I recently spotted a stroller parked next to Salt & Straw with a water-filled mason jar in its cup holder. You know what that means; busy moms on the go have adopted this trend, condemning it is as so unoriginal. At least you can say you drank out of mason jars before it was considered cool. 

It's time to take your mason jar to the next level. We've got something that will set you apart from all those soccer moms out there, but you better come get one before they catch on. 

Made locally with love in Portland from authentic leather, these mason jar sleeves are durable and have a snap handle which you can use to hang from your backpack, belt loop, or (most likely) your bike. Plus you WILL look cool (but not like you're trying to, don't worry). 

Available in grey, light or dark brown: $31.50
Woven front detail
Handle unsnaps to hook and hang from anything you want!
Fits any standard 16 oz mason jar (included)
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