Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sorry (not sorry) we're encouraging your alcoholism...

As if there aren't enough reasons to booze, here are a few ways to get fancy with your cocktail shaker and spice up your boring Whiskey Ginger go-to. Folks will marvel at your new found bartending skillz. You best start charging for that ish. 

See what happens when you move to Portland?

Start things off right with the proper equipment. You think you can live in Portland and NOT have a mason jar cocktail shaker? Who do you think you are??

Here's where things get really good. Created by authors Eric Prum & Josh Williams of W & P Design in Brooklyn, this recipe book features cocktail recipes accompanied with gorgeous photos to help keep you from effing things up.

This drink reminds me of a naughty strawberry rhubarb pie. STOP IT!

If the idea of strawberry and rhubarb in your drink sounds like something you could never pull off, first, give yourself a little credit. Second, you can always stick to the basics. If you can't always remember the steps to make a whiskey sour or just want your guests to know how to make your fav drink, slap this magnet set up on the fridge and make them get to work.


Look at you, carrying around your Whiskey Sour and wearing your "Real Ladies Prefer Whiskey" tank like a damn hero. What's that? You don't have a tank top of this kind? Well, hurry up and get one before they're gone.


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