Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Where my keys at??

We've all been there. You've got a whole mess of important adult-like things to do in your day and are all set to go when you realize that you can't find your damn keys! UGH. No stone or couch cushion is left unturned and pretty soon your house looks like THE BIG ONE just hit and you're late for your dermatologist appointment to get that suspicious mole checked out. You might have CANCER, but it doesn't matter because you can't find your keys to get anywhere, so you might as well be dead (geez, dramatic much?).

We're here to tell you: it doesn't have to be like this! All you need is a fancy key-hanging device called a hook, and suddenly all of life's problems are solved (wouldn't it be nice?). While you're at it, why not get one that makes you smile and start the day off on the right foot? Peruse our lovely options below, made by Etsy designer Bo Winston, and see which key hook hanger will help save your sanity...

Bill Murray's got your back as you're scrambling to get out the door. You gotta love that simple smirk and those half-lidded eyes to calm you down on your way out the door and into the chaotic world.  

Oh, snap. What you really need is a sexy chunk of man candy to look at as you enter the outside world of lesser looking-men. Ryan Gosling in glasses? Um, yes please. Wait, where was I going again?

Oh, so you're more into tough love, huh? You'll never forget your keys again with John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson threatening your life as you head out the door. Nothing like a good scare tactic to make you remember how to function as a human.

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