Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Oh Baby!

All that baby makin' that happened this spring is 'bout to come to fruition, meaning it's time to get your butt out there and get yourself properly equipped for all of the upcoming baby showers. Your fertile friends have made the decision to reproduce and it's up to you to give them a fantastically awesome gift. 

These items may not be on their registry at Target, but who really needs practical items when they're expecting a baby? Below are some original gift and card ideas that will leave everyone at the shower super impressed with your originality and effort. Props, yo!

Ages 0 - 6 months | $21.50

Oh man, this kid is about to start pooping like it's his job. He should probably put "regular pooping abilities" on his first resume, because pretty soon he'll be in the professional realm of diaper deposits. Ok, we're feeling a little grossed out now. Good luck with that, parents-to-be!

Ages 0 - 6 months | $24.00

If you're in the market for something a little less vulgar, then this adorable little onesie might just be the ticket. A little less focused on bodily function, a little more focused on the cuteness overload.

Bill Murray says: "You wish you could be as cool as this kid."
0 - 6 months | $21.50

For the baby who you know will pop out of the womb already cool AF, a Bill Murray onesie is absolutely necessary. All you need is a pair of baby-sized sunglasses to complete this outfit and make all the other babies in the sandbox jealous.

Now that you've found the perfect outfit for ze bebe, it's time to find the ideal card to match. We like this one because it matches practical life skills to something unfamiliar (and perhaps terrifying), such as caring for a newborn babe. Don't worry, if you know how to roll a burrito, YOU'VE TOTALLY GOT THIS.

The perfect card from one lady to another. Because pregnancy scares... they are no laughing matter. Until you're pregnant on purpose and can reflect on your own ridiculous paranoia of yesteryear.

Try not to feel too much remorse for the loss of your youth as all of your friends begin to get knocked up. You might be left at home alone on a Friday night with your G&T, but at least you can have a G&T. They'll come back around sometime...maybe. Unless you have pregnant friends who are more like this:


If that's the case, you're all set. 


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