Thursday, October 22, 2015

Blame it on the Moon

It seems like ever since that cray Super Blood Moon thing happened last month, everyone's been losing their ish over all things intergalactic. We're following suit and giving the people what they want, naturally. With our new moon merch, you an easily fool people into believing that you totally know what phase of the moon we're in. Although, all that really matters is when there's a full moon, because it can make people act insane (and you're gonna want to be prepared for when that's happening).

Scroll through to see our newest additions, either moon or star themed, and all out of this world! (sorry, had to)

Moon phases cuff bracelet | $14.50

This adorable yet bad-ass engraved cuff bracelet is a great way to subtly show your astronomical interests. It probably even has powers to fend off all of the werewolves (more on that later). It's almost Halloween y'all, just sayin'.

Moon Poster | $24.50

This small poster packs a powerful and moony punch. Listing all of the names of the many craters of the moon, this poster is educational to boot. It's totally okay to geek out on this! Plus, it's shiny. Ooooh.

Oregon Constellation Poster | 14.50

"Alis volat propriis." Did you know that this is the Latin motto for our beloved state of Oregon? Translation: "She flies with her own wings." Damn straight she does. Hang this beautiful poster with a beautiful message in your beautiful home and never forget to JUST DO YOU.

Star Notebook | $24.50

Moon Notebook | $18.50

These two very different notebooks have one thing in common: the ability to record your deepest, darkest thoughts. If journaling or philosophical thought isn't your thing, use them to write notes to yourself, make sketches, or to pen love letters that you may or may not send. 

Constellation Onesie | $24.00

Never lose your baby again with this GLOW-IN-THE-DARK onesie. Sweet dreams are guaranteed for your little tater tot in this comfy yet stylish ensemble. Did we say GLOW-IN-THE-DARK yet?? Pretty sure wearing glow-in-the-dark anything instantly ups your street cred; something every baby needs. 

Wolf Mask | Priceless

Couldn't possibly finish this post without mentioning one of the main attractions at the shop right now. No mannequin head is safe at this point. This item is great for those who still don't know what they're being for Halloween or who think it's cool to scare your friends for fun. So let that full moon shine down on you while you howl into the night sky, communing with nature and your fellow wolf friends. Weirdo.

Leaving you with this food for thought:

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