Thursday, October 1, 2015

It's like a cat lady's dream...

Happy October 1st, Portland! Anyone feeling spookier yet? Nothing says Halloween like a full moon, creepy owl sounds and black cat perched and staring at you like it would totally eat your face if you died alone in your apartment. 

Whoa, things just got dark real fast there. Let's shift gears and talk about all the fantastical cat-friendly gear we've got in the shop! Fear not, cat lads, there's stuff for you too.*

*Due to popular demand, Cat Flag tees now come in men's sizes! Crazy Cat Lads rejoice!

Let's kick things off with a couple of our favorite newest women's tees (sorry lads, you had your moment).

Because you're a classy-ass cat lady, you need this gorgeous shirt with GOLDEN KITTIES. Kitties perching, kitties stretching, kitties stalking their prey; all in a day's work for a kitty. Plus these shirts are super soft, soft as a kitty's tummy. Ok, not really, but AWW a kitty's tummy!! 

Hey, you little Grumpy Cat, you! For when you're just having a bad day Monday any day that's not Friday and it's a pain even to make conversation with the grocery check-out person, throw this on and everyone will get the message (psst, that's what the U-Scan is for). Your cat is probably the only thing you can put up with today, and if he's feeling generous he'll indulge you.

Oh man, aren't mornings always better when your breakfast is SHAPED LIKE SOMETHING?? Forget Jesus in your food, this is the really good stuff! This is not just delightful for kids, it's something that full-fledged adults with clap their hands and squeal over, too.


We need to take a second to talk about Cat Butt Magnets. Just one second. Did you know this was a thing? These little guys are going like hot cakes, even though they're kind of gross. But also kind of cute? Throw 'em on your fridge, but don't let them ruin your appetite.

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