Thursday, December 10, 2015

Top 10 Christmas Card Picks

It's time to send out those Christmas cards so your friends don't think you don't love them anymore! If you're looking for generic "Ho ho hos" and "Peace on earths," look elsewhere. Here are some hysterical cards to keep this Christmas spicy (in no particular order--all cards are created equal).


1. For your friend with #squadgoals

 Who doesn't want a little Tay-tay inspired holiday cheer?


2. For your friend who Instagrams at #PDX

 You know the type; they would never miss the chance to show off all of their fancy holiday vacations on Insta. Or maybe they're just going to Wisconsin, IDK.


3. For your friend who doesn't live in Portland (loser)

My city is prettier than your city!


4. For your friend who PITIES THE FOO'...

...who doesn't love Christmas.


5. For your friend whose cat is an asshole

And you swear every time you come over, he looks at you like he's plotting to kill you. 


6. For your friend who's a little too excited about Christmas



7. For your friend who's single (you're welcome)

Because she's a lady who should be treated right.


8. For your friend who will live long and prosper

They're a nerd, but you love them anyway.


9. For your friend who is OVER IT

Is it December 26th yet?

10. For your friend whose tree will definitely fall down

Poor little ornament didn't even stand a chance.

There's more where that came from! We're open 7 days a week so you can get that Christmas shopping DONE.

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