Sunday, April 10, 2016

How to Be A Happy Camper

If you live in Oregon, we're guessing that all this beautiful weather has probably got you thinking about camping. Everyone knows that the most essential item to take on a camping trip is booze (followed by food, sleeping bag, tent, etc.). If you're looking for the perfect container in which to hold your beloved D.O.C. (drink of choice), we've got plenty of options so you never go thirsty.

Nothing says camping like a PBR in a tin mug! If you're too young for beer, opt for the mini version, perfect for apple juice.
| $14.50-$16.95 |

Never have words been so true. For those who need a larger cup for their beloved beverage. 
| $14.50 |

If beer isn't strong enough to get you near a tent in the wilderness, why not opt for a little whiskey (it'll keep the spiders away!)? Your cocktail makin' tools will blend right in with the rest of the camping supplies.
| Flask: $24.50 | Cocktail shaker: $34.95 |

Combine these socks with your beer blanket to keep those toes extra warm in the great out-of-doors. Perfect for stargazing, mountain climbing, or catching a glimpse of Big Foot.
| $10.00 |

You've got your campfire, your marshmallows, your beer, your friends, what more could you want? You're just a happy camper.
| $26.50 |

Happy camping! BRB, gonna go daydream about summer...

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