Saturday, June 4, 2016

Top 10 Father's Day Cards

Dads. How would we ever feel guilty for not checking our oil enough without them? Thanks to dads, we have Dad Bods, Dad Jokes, and, most importantly, DILFs of Disneyland. Let's help celebrate the invention of dads with some fantastically awesome Father's Day cards that will help show that you care without getting too mushy. Father's Day is June 19th; hurry over and find a card before the good ones are gone!

1. For the dad who's taught you a thing or two:

You'll probably still call him to borrow his drill/power saw/entire tool kit since you can't be bothered to get your own.

2. For the dad who didn't quite get the job done:

You were too busy rolling your eyes and thinking about how you know your dad will always help you with this stuff, so why would you need to remember?

3. For the dad who's sensitive to the room temperature:

You probably only adjust the thermostat for the mind games/entertainment. 

4. For the dad who's put up with A LOT:

Now that you're a grown up you know what a disaster you were as a teen. You're sick of you dad saying, "Just you wait until you have a teenager of your own," mainly because you're terrified. 

5. For the dad who lives and breathes Bernie:

There's nothing more dad-like than bringing up politics at the dinner table every night, or muttering about moving to Canada if Trump wins. Bonus: pick up all kinds of Bernie gear for dad in the shop, too!

 6. For the dad with a potty mouth:

He was secretly thrilled when you became old enough for him to drop the f-bomb like it was his job. Four is old enough, right? 

7. For literally the best dad in the world:

It seems like it'd be pretty tough to beat Barack Obama in the dad category, but we'll trust you on this one.

8. For the dad who made you appreciate the simple things:

Your dad taught you to appreciate having food on the table and a roof over your head. Are you reading this, Dad? 

9. For the dad who makes you feel like a rebel:

He gives your mom a mini-heart attack daily.

10. For the dad who you just really appreciate:

He'll enjoy the catchy nature of this card. 

There's many more where that came from! Browse our cards, soak up the A/C, and show Dad that you care.

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  1. Amazing Father's Day Cards! Impressed with these ideas. I have planned a small family party at an indoor party venue Houston to celebrate this year’s father’s day. Eagerly waiting for the day and hope everyone like my arrangements!


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