Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Towels for Thought

There's nothing like having some nice reading material while you're going to the bathroom, amirite? For only $12.50, you can have that bathroom reading material along with some a) solid life advice from Buddha; b) kind and encouraging words within the wreath of a delightful floral print; or c) a friendly reminder to your house party guests that you don't want things to get (too) weird tonight.

It's a tough choice between these three glorious options -- luckily these absorbent little hand cloths are so cheap you don't have to choose!

Towels by Betty of Arc.


  1. I like the concept of conveying something good through tissue towel.Whoever is behind this doing great indeed!I am going to purchase some for me and my familia.

  2. Nice article which you have shared here. I liked your way to convey the good thoughts through towels. If anyone looking to buy Peshtemal Towel at the affordable price, Visit turkishbeachtowel.com


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