Thursday, December 14, 2017

Everything for the Strong Woman in Your Life

Do you know a badass female who deserves a literal trophy for her badass-ness? We are chock full of gift ideas for that strong and powerful lady in your life! Here is a small sampling of fantastic finds for all of the feminists you know:

This book features all kinds of badass women that helped shape Portland's history. Badass lawyers, doctors, pioneers, suffragists, artists, and more. The badass-ery is overwhelming in the best possible way.

We've known for a long time that Carrie Fisher is a badass, but reading that she delivered a cow tongue to a certain Hollywood sexual predator just made her all the more AH-mazing. This drink koozy might just inspire the defeat of our current empire.

See above for why this award should go to Carrie Fisher. It should also go to your friend who is all ABOUT that resistance and the defeat of the patriarchy. Pairs beautifully with our "All I want for Christmas is the rise of the matriarchy" card!

This keyring is the perfect way to warn people that you will not tolerate mansplaining on any level. It's also the perfect stocking stuffer for any woman who has had it with the mansplainin'. See also "hepeating."

For that badass, strong, powerful woman, sometimes you just need to get them something that says it loud and proud. THIS. IS. EVERYTHING. Bey sums everything up beautifully:

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  1. What a great and wonderful idea. My strongest woman in my life is my MOM. No doubt, Our mothers played the game of life very well and taught us the same way.


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