Thursday, December 20, 2018

Top Ten Christmas Cards 2018

If there's anything ZimZim is known for, it's our selection of snarky and sassy cards. This years holiday cards are no exception!

Christmas may be considered a family holiday, but we have our limits. 


All I want for Christmas is you... holding a pizza! 

Whoever wrote 'Silent Night' clearly didn't have children...

Is your dog getting their own stocking this year? (Of course they are!)

It's the thought that counts....?

♫Fa la la la la fuck this ♫

Give your friends only the most sincere of Christmas wishes this year! 

Maybe Santa should mind his own damn business? 

Sure, gifts are great, but have you eaten a whole candy cane shaped tube of Hershey's Kisses for breakfast?

You still have time to get cards in the mail, so come in and stock up! And don't forget - we're open 10am-8pm tomorrow through Sunday and from 10am-3pm on Christmas Eve.

See you soon!

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