Thursday, September 26, 2019

Flair for your fridge!

Fridge looking a little bare? Look no further! Check out these delightful little magnets from some of our fave vendors:

Lemon Zesty

Oh, Lemon Zesty! You sure do warm our weird little hearts.  

Frantic Meerkat/Mincing Mockingbird

We cannot get enough of their stuff! They make everything from calendars to mugs, and some magnets that only speak the truth. 

Emily McDowell

Emily McDowell never disappoints! Give your friend a little encouragement or let everyone know that you are thisclose to losing it, all without saying a word! 

None of these tickle your fancy? Not to worry, we have a TON of other fun magnets in stock right now, so swing by and take a look! 

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