Monday, October 14, 2019

Knock knock! Who's there? Cool shit!

Y'all, we just got a big shipment of fun stuff from Knock Knock that we cannot wait to share with you! 

First of all, Affirmators are back in stock! 

What the heck is an Affirmator, you ask? Affirmators are affirmation cards created by comedian Suzi Barrett for those of us who want to be uplifted, but are looking for more humor and less woo-woo. ZimZim currently carries three different sets: Original, Love & Relationships, and Family. 

We also have the Bounce Back: Breakup Deck, a set of 30 challenge cards (and ten TREAT cards) designed to shake up your routine and get you out of that post-breakup rut!

Are you ready for the cutest thing you've ever seen? Are you sure? Okay... here goes....

Jess Rona's Groomed is the ultimate coffee table book for dog lovers. Follow some adorable pups as they get washed, dried and made-up fancier than you and I will ever be. And to top it all off, the preface was written by Sara Keirsten Quin of Tegan & Sara fame! 

Looking to brighten someone's day? Check out Knock Knock's Notes For Grumps, from their Fill In The Love collection. Just fill in the blanks, fold, and bring a smile to your friend/partner/coworker's face! 

You messed up, and now someone is demanding answers. But you're prepared because you have the Wheel O' Wisdom: Excuses! Just turn the arrow to the issue you're facing, and let the wheel do the work!

This is just a taste of what we have to offer from Knock Knock, so come in and take a look!

P.S. It's not to early to start Christmas shopping! 😉

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