Monday, October 28, 2019

Mystifying Defense

If you are someone who has to be on guard when you're out in the world, you are probably already familiar with the concept of self defense keychains. 

The Ouija Defense Keychain from local Portland company Mystifying Defense features a durable poly-carbonate planchette with a hole in the center for gripping, and a sharp point. It also has a quick release mechanism to ensure easy removal from your keys in case of being disarmed. 

While the focus of these keychains is to help you feel empowered and safe, we have to mention how attractive they are! While the traditional cat/dog style defense tools are cute, the Ouija design feels like a real accessory that you want to show off. Talk about a fabulous marriage of fashion and function!

We are so impressed with Mystifying Defense and their goal to "create a safer space without compromise". Their defense tools are strong and stylish, offering those of us who may be more vulnerable the chance to feel a little safer in our everyday lives, and isn't that what we should always be working towards? 

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