Monday, November 11, 2019

Let's Get COZY!

It's fall, y'all! And if you're anything like us, you're excited to snuggle up with the heat on or the fire going and watch the clouds roll in and the rain come down. 

Right now, ZimZim has everything you need to get cozy for the long nights ahead. 


Despite what your grandma may have told you, you don't lose most of your heat from your head. BUT that doesn't mean you shouldn't wear a comfy hat all season long. All our beanies are super soft, super warm and super affordable! 

(Top row: Low Tide Leather, middle row: Ello There, bottom row: Pretty Simple)


Right now we have fingerless gloves and arm warmer style gloves to keep your hands warm but your fingers free for texting. You know, priorities! 

Pretty Simple

Cherry T Co.


"But I don't need more socks!" you cry. But you DO need more socks! You will always need more socks. What else will you wear to keep your feet warm when you trek to Starbucks for your PSL? Besides, these 'cabin socks' from Socksmith are truly made to keep away the chill. They're made of a thick recycled wool and cotton blend which will keep your tootsies toasty. Best of all, they come in two sizes which fit men's sizes 5-13.5 and women's sizes 7-15!


Did you know we carry tea now? We recently started stocking six different varieties of loose leaf tea from Modest Mix. Each blend features a unique variety of tea leaves, herbs and flowers, designed to help you kick ass and take names(or chill the fuck out and get cozy)!


Okay, you've got your hat, your gloves, your socks and your tea. What's missing? A good book! Cozy up with any of these reads on a brisk night and you'll have the ultimate night-in! 



Well, what are you waiting for? Get your hygge on! It's time to get cozy! 

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