Monday, November 4, 2019

The Struggle Is REAL!

Sometimes, you just aren't feelin' it. There are days where you want to cancel everything and go back to bed for like... a million years. And guess what? It's totally okay to feel that way and to want to wallow in it for a bit. You're an adult who is allowed to feel your feelings and be a bit cranky. We support you in your less-than-perky endeavors and have a few things that might put you in a better mood, or at least remind you that you're not alone. 

Once again, Holly Oddly comes to our rescue. We swear, she always has just the right thing to express how we feel. If you're having one of those days where you're just dragging yourself from place to place or can't seem to let things go, stick one of these pins on your jacket or bag to let the world know exactly how much you're capable of (which may not be much, but that's okay!). 

To be fair, it's always too early for people to say things. Oh, is that just us? Oh, okay. Well, regardless of how early is too early for you, you can use this mug from Emily McDowell to tell the way-too-chipper roommate/spouse/tiny human in your life to shhhhhh. 

"It's All Absolutely Fine is a darkly comic, honest, and unapologetic illustrated account of daily struggles with mental health and what it's like trying to be a person when you feel like a potato." (If you don't know what it means to feel like a potato what are you even doing read this post? Get out of here!) If you are feeling down we promise that the words and drawings of Ruby Elliot will lift your spirit. Ruby Elliot began the popular Tumblr account Rubyetc, where she chronicled her battles with trying to be "a grown-up in the least grown-upy sense of the word." Her book is honest, relatable, funny as heck and we can't recommend it enough!


Maybe you aren't the one in the grouchy mood. If you someone you know is having one of those days, send them a card! Show them that you care and that you understand that the universe can be a real dick sometimes. They'll appreciate it, we promise! 

Are you in a better mood now? No? Okay, that's fine. We don't expect you to start smiling after one little blog post. Maybe go watch some cute kitten videos or this clip of comedic genius Cameron Esposito.

Thanks for reading! 

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