Monday, December 16, 2019

Our Favorite Stocking Stuffers of 2019

There's a very specific sort of feeling associated with opening a stocking on Christmas morning. Stockings are sort of like appetizers to the main course of opening presents. There's less formality and a lot more candy. The joy of finding a treasure trove of tiny surprises is pure Christmas joy. 

If you're the one in charge of stockings this year, check out a few of our favorite items, all small enough to be tucked away between a pile of Hershey's kisses and an orange. Oh, was it just our mom that put an orange in our stocking? Oh. Okay. 

Enamel Pins from Rather Keen

The enamel pin trend is still going strong and they were practically meant to be stocking stuffers. You can find a pin for almost any interest these days and collectors will be so excited to have a new addition. 

Keychains from Shop of Things and Holly Oddly

Keychains are a great mix of fun and functional. Bring a smile to someone's face while also encouraging them to keep their keys organized because you are NOT running a spare to them at two in the morning again. 

Stickers from Bee's Knees Industries

If you've seen the counter at ZimZim you know that we love stickers and we particularly love the stickers made by Cate at Bee's Knees Industries. They're made from high quality vinyl, perfect for a water bottle, laptop or even car. 

Natural Stone Posts from A Tea Leaf

Small, everyday pieces of jewelry like these posts are great for stockings. If you're planning on gifting a larger statement piece, we suggest leaving that out of the stocking and giving it it's own grand entrance. 

Laser-etched Pocket Knives from Salty + Sweet

You may know Salty + Sweet for their laser cut wood and leather earrings, but they also make these gorgeous pocket knives! You really can't go wrong with these, especially if you have someone in your life who values always having their tools close at hand. 

What's your favorite stocking stuffer, either to get or to give? Let us know in the comments! 

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