Saturday, December 14, 2019

Top Ten Christmas Cards of 2019

Christmas is almost here, can you believe it?! Now is the perfect time to send off your holiday cards and ZimZim is happy to be your one-stop Christmas card shop. 

Our vendors have really outdone themselves this year and it was a real challenge to only pick ten. Without further ado, here we go! 

1. These both seem like simple requests, but we're not sure if either of them will happen anytime soon. Maybe with a Christmas miracle?

Craft Boner

2. Perfect for lovers of the Golden Girls and Christmas puns!

Design Corner

3. I don't think this what Bing Crosby meant when he said he was dreaming of a white Christmas...

Crimson + Clover

4. 'Cause filling socks with candy and leaving cookies out for a gift giving stranger were totally in the Bible, right?

Amar + Riley
5. Handmade? Check! Local? Check! Doubles as a gift? Check! 
Sassy instead of sappy? Check!


6. Santa's life isn't always merry and bright!

7. Listen, if someone is going to ruin Christmas dinner it might as well be you and Jose Cuervo. 

Top Hat and Monocle
8. Dress your cat in gay apparel fa la la la la la la
Put your life in mortal peril fa la la la la la la

Kate Funk
9. Skip the subtle hints and let your person know EXACTLY what's on your Christmas list this year. 

Spicy Cards

10. You should buy this card. Or don't. We don't give a shit. Merry apathy. 

Craft  Boner

We hope you giggled at these cards as much as we did! Looking for something a little less snarky? We do have a handful of cute/sweet holiday cards for your more easily appalled loved ones. 

Got ornaments and stocking stuffers on your list? Keep an eye out, we'll be posting our faves soon! 

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